Saturday, April 28, 2012

February - April Recap

Life has been very busy that past few months. It seems our little family has constantly been on the go, school, soccer, and weekend getaways have consumed most of our time. I think all of us would agree that the weekend getaways have been our favorite activities.  We haven't had much down time, but two of the three boys are napping on this rainy, Saturday afternoon so I thought I'd share some photos.  Here are some of the highlights from the past few months:


Lego Ninjago

Lightning McQueen

The boys and Batman

Parker & The Hulk

We also met my cousin Laura and her sweet family in Indianapolis for a few days over our spring break.  This was a mystery trip for our kiddos.  They didn't know where we were headed or what we would be doing when we arrived at our destination.  Our two families pulled into the hotel parking lot within 2 minutes of each other...kind of crazy considering we were each driving 4-5 hours from opposite directions with kiddos in tow.  Parker was so surprised when their car pulled up next to ours.  He said, "Hey! That's Jack, Clare, & Lily.  What are they doing here?"  Fabulous surprise!

Here are a few photos from our afternoon at the Indy Children's Museum...

We explored the dinosphere!  The kids loved
digging for fossils.
We went scuba diving on a coral reef!

We gazed at the Fireworks of Glass display while laying
on a revolving platform.
The view from the platform.
We also checked out Bumblebee.
...and our day at the zoo!

The kids checking out the sea otters.
How do we get to the roller coaster?
We were mooned by the giraffe!
Carter thought this was hilarious.
Ray & Carter watching the elephants play in the water.
Max was such a trooper!
I'd travel anywhere with him...seriously!
The entire crew.
We stayed until they made us leave!

The zoo was fun, but I'm pretty sure all the kids liked swimming at the hotel more than anything!

We can't wait until our next getaway.  I wonder where our travels will take us?  In the mean time, the sun is now out and the kiddos are awake so we're heading outside to play!


  1. I hope your next travels take you to the beach!!! Hint Hint!! ;).

    P.S. Is Park's hair as red as it looks in some of the pictures?

    1. Hint taken! We'll be visiting the beach (and you) this summer! As for Park's hair, I don't think it's that red, but it does look that way in some of the pics!