Friday, May 4, 2012

February Flashback

Feeding our feathered friends is always something that our boys enjoy.  During the summer, they love to wake up, grab a few slices of bread, and sit on the front porch while tossing small pieces onto the sidewalk.  It's always a few minutes of peace and quiet during our busy day.  In the winter, they always make sure the bird feeder is filled with seed and sit patiently at the window with binoculars.  Sometimes they like to make the birds a "gourmet" treat.  Here are a few photos...

A little help from dad.

Carter covering the ice cream
cones with peanut butter...

...and taking a bite for himself!

All the necessary supplies.
Parker successfully placing his cone in the tree.

Only 14 more school days until our morning bird feeding tradition resumes, but who's counting?

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