Saturday, July 7, 2012

Max is One!

Dear Max,

We recently celebrated your first birthday.  It's hard to believe that your first year has passed so fast!  Watching you grow and change has been such a joy this past year.  Below are pictures of you on the day you were born and on your first birthday. 

The day your were born.
Your first birthday - sporting your  "1" shirt
(from Gorno Couture).

We spent the special occasion with our family and neighbors (who are like family) and had a nice gathering in our backyard.  You had a great day playing in the yard and exploring your new gifts, but you were not so much a fan of everyone singing happy birthday to you...sorry, buddy.

You really seemed to enjoy the cake though and knew just what to do!

While you sampled some cake, the rest of us enjoyed some ice cream sundae themed cupcakes!

I really enjoyed making the cake and cupcakes even though it got a little stressful getting everything finished before party time.  Your dad thought we should just order a cake and cupcakes, but that would be too easy.  Besides, Mommie Meade (your great-great-grandmother) always made my birthday cakes and it's one of my most cherished memories...I'm hoping you and your brothers will always remember this too.  You did finally throw in the towel on your cake...

Here are a few facts about you at one year old:
  • You have four teeth and can stand all by yourself.  
  • Crawling is still your preferred method of transportation, but you can move from one place to another quickly!  
  • You love watching Parker and Carter and your laughter only encourages their mischievous shenanigans.
  • You love music and dance whenever you hear a beat.
  • At naptime and bedtime you go to sleep all my yourself.  (Glad we finally got this right the third time around!)
  • Your favorite snack is goldfish.
  • You are such a sweet and loving little boy and I love everything about you...your hugs, your smiles, your giggle, your cute little toes, your eyes (and they way they close when you're really happy)...and the list goes on and on.
Happy first birthday, Max!  We love you and look forward to seeing what this next year has in store for you.  I'm sure it's going to be an adventure!

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